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Tabitha Raber M.S.
Forensic Psychologist

Solutions for Success

I started Training Advanced Behaviors to provide dynamic and engaging training to justice professionals. I "retired" from the Kern County Probation Department after serving 23 years as a juvenile correctional officer and deputy probation officer. As an officer, I worked in a variety of settings from institutions, to criminal investigation and supervision of offenders.

During my career at probation, I became a CORE trainer for the department and took on the role of mentor for many new officers. This established my passion for education, training, and promoting success in the criminal justice profession. 

After retiring from probation, I wanted to continue providing education, direction, and support to justice professionals and began teaching Administration of Justice at local community colleges. I also returned to school and earned a master's degree in forensic psychology. This knowledge and opportunity to teach further cemented my desire to provide quality training courses for justice professionals that focuses on science, psychology, and best practices.

My goal for starting this company is to provide quality, evidence-based and practical training to probation and correctional officer professionals. 

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