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STC Training Courses

Each course focuses on best practices and evidence-based solutions grounded in the most up-to-date and applicable science. The training sessions are designed to be dynamic, interactive and provide solutions to the various challenges faced in the challenging career.

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The Biology of Bias

STC Certification #07069056

This course examines the biological and neurological forces that are built into our brains that subconsciously create our biases and how this impacts our decision-making skills. The course focuses on identifying and implementing strategies to manage bias in decision-making.

Long-Term Impact of Stress
Burn-out to Suicide

STC Certification # 04990718

This course looks at both the psychological and physiological impact of stress and how it can affect personnel ranging from burnout to suicide. This course examines key signs of stress in yourself and others, and how to manage the daily and long-term stress faced by law enforcement professionals.

How to Manage Stress Between Calls/Stressful Encounters

STC Certification # 067464196

In our line of work, we are often inundated by stressful situations and what we commonly call the "adrenaline dump." Those situations where our body's sympathetic response kicks in. This course examines this phenomenon and provides the tools necessary to improve the responses and reduce the impact of stress on the body.

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Magic Tricks

Crisis De-escalation in the Institutions

STC Certification # 04254378

This course provides best practices and evidence-based methods to deal with crisis de-escalation in the institutions. The focus is to provide officers with an understanding of their role and responsibilities in crisis de-escalation, effective use of verbal and non-verbal communication techniques, and the know-how to implement de-escalation strategies that are oriented toward recovery and resilience.

Mental Health & Violence

STC Certification # 00358092

This course examines the connection between mental illness and violence. It focuses on identifying specific symptoms associated with violence and examines the other contributory factors. This class uses research to disconfirm inaccurate beliefs associated with mental illness and strategies to improve services and treatment provided.

Managing Offender Manipulation

STC Certification # 00358092

This course provides training on how to avoid manipulation by offenders. It will examine ways in which offenders manipulate law enforcement professionals, what makes officers vulnerable to their tactics, and how officers can protect ourselves from manipulation and harm.

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